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863 Bowsprit Road, Chula Vista, CA 91914
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4 tips for a better co-working experience

September 26, 2019
Coworking is becoming increasingly more popular because it has become an alternative working space for SMEs, freelancers and professionals of all kinds. In co-working spaces you can share ideas, boost innovation, seek potential partners for ventures, gain new clients or just have access to a cooler, modern and creative environment for your business, saving more money than a convenional office.

For new entrepreneurs such as millennial, micro-SMEs, freelancers and digital nomads, these types of places lower costs, allow access to training and specialized services, while generating a powerful sense of community among its members. But how can you take advantage of it and increase productivity? Here are some tips:

1. Networking: In co-working there are many opportunities to connect and collaborate with other people, from professionals in your sector to specialists in other fields. Do not miss the opportunity to network, take advantage of the events and join the various training opportunities that often arise from this type of work

2. Take breaks: It is very easy to get stuck at your desk with endless to do lists. Breaks are important to stretch your legs, meditate, take a walk outdoors or even just to socialize. Reminder, productivity is closely related to physical and mental rest. 

3. Customize your desk: If you have your own work area, it is important to have a welcoming environment so that you, your clients and guests can work at ease. Add a plant, area rug, or optimal lighting and all the accessories you need to perform better.

4. Eat healthy: A danger of working all day in co-working is the easy access to junk food snacks like soft drinks and chips.  If the space does not have a kitchen or cafeteria that offers a healthy menu, it is highly recommended to prepare your own food at home. Motivation and performance are linked to what you put in your mouth.

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