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5 Reasons Why A Virtual Office Could Be Your Solution…..

November 05, 2019
Does a Virtual Office have advantages?  

When you are starting your own business, finding adequate office space can be quite  challenging and stressful, not to mention rent is one of the largest expenses for most businesses. 
A Virtual Office offers a creative way of reaping the benefits of having a physical address without the high overhead of rent. 

For a small monthly fee, a Virtual Office can give you a verified business address (very important for IRS and other government agencies), have your mail sorted and forwarded, answering and voicemail services,  and even access to a conference room in case it is needed to meet clients.  

Advantages of a Virtual Office: 

1. No Commuting - The two or three hours per day you usually spend preparing for work to then battle traffic to travel to your office space can now be spent being productive!  It will also help be more focused on your activities without any distractions. 

2. Flexibility - Flexibility is one of the most appreciated qualities by those who start their own business.  Sometimes, working from home is needed, other times you need a temporary place while traveling,  other times a prestigious meeting place is needed to receive important clients. Having access to a Virtual Office gives you the flexibility of paying for an office only when it is absolutely essential.

3. Prestigious Location - Who wants to use their private, home address for commercial purposes or rent a PO Box from the Postal Service?  Both of these options certainly don’t give a very professional impression, quite the opposite. The advantages of Business Centers or Virtual Offices is that they can offer a very prestigious, verified business address without the high cost of a brick-and-mortar location.

4. Access to Meeting/Conference Rooms:  In today’s market, most Virtual Offices offer more than just a physical address, some have actual office settings that give you access to private offices or large conference rooms on a per hour basis. A great benefit if you want to impress your prospective clients. 

5. Less Office Overhead: There is no lease commitment, there is no high monthly rent payment, no utility payments, no monthly maintenance and equipment replacement costs, no insurance, no office supplies or kitchen essentials, parking fees, just to name a few.  Best of all, you can pass these savings onto your clients or even employees. 

What can we conclude with this? 

If you’re a startup or a new venture, or a business that is simply looking to cut overhead costs,  a Virtual Office can be a great fit. It gives you access to professional and modern office space and conference rooms only when needed and at a fraction of the cost, there is no need for high rental and maintenance fees or utilities, or the hassles and headaches that come with being responsible for your own space. 

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