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863 Bowsprit Road, Chula Vista, CA 91914
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The Five Benefits of Co-Working

September 26, 2019
There are many benefits found in Co-Working however there are 5 main ones. I will discuss these five benefits which include: cheap and flexible memberships, scaling on demand, low-maintenance space, creativity and collaboration, and finally events and amenities.

1. Cheap, Flexible Membership: Co-Working is cheaper than normal offices and they already come prepared to accommodate their customers. The memberships are also flexible, for example we have different memberships on the range of renting private offices for the company or renting a desk that you will share with other people. The flexibility enhances the user experience since companies and individuals can find better options for their needs.

2. Scaling on Demand: If you are a part of a startup company and suddenly your company begins to grow if you were in an office it would be a whole problem to help more people settle in. However in Co-Working the offices are made with customization in mind so you can begin as a group of 10 and then change your membership to be able to accommodate 100 people.

3. Low-Maintenance Space: Offices require a lot of administration and maintenance. For example, when you move into the office you just want to get to work and not worry about paying internet, setting it up, cleaning the office, adding furniture. Co-Working takes care of all of these time consuming matters so you just enjoy your office and/or desk with no worries.

4. Creativity and Collaboration: Co-Working creates a great environment due to motivated and hardworking people working under the same roof. People can get help with ideas from others around them or just engage in a conversation to relax after working hard. Since there are a lot of people with different types of expertise in different areas and subjects you can get feedback on your work or get advice if needed. 

5. Events and Amenities: In Co-Working places there are events which help its member’s business grow. One example is networking night in which people go to the Co-Working place and try and expand their network and get more clients, investors, or business partners. 

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